Babies Exposed To Marijuana In The Womb Have Better Eyesight Apparently


A study has revealed that babies exposed to marijuana while in the womb have better vision by the time they turn four than those who weren’t.

The claim was made by researchers from the University of Waterloo, Auckland and Brown University, who tested the ability of youngsters subjected to weed to track objects in their line of sight. The results were then compared to a control group of clean tots.

To ensure drugs were in fact present in the babies’ systems, the first poops of their lives were tested.

The study also examined the effects of combinations of alcohol, methamphetamine, and nicotine, with alcohol showing a negative effect, while nicotine and methamphetamine demonstrated no effect in comparison to the control group on vision.


Professor Ben Thompson, of the University of Waterloo, was quick to point out that smoking weed during pregnancy is still not advisable, and will not result in a super baby.

He said:

We were surprised with this initial finding.

It shows that marijuana and alcohol can have quite an impact on a fundamental aspect of the visual processing happening in our brains.

But despite the apparently beneficial impact of marijuana on the development of the brain’s visual system, other research shows its use can actually impair the brain development of unborn children.

So if you smoke weed whilst your expecting your child may grow up to see very clearly, but potentially have no idea what they are looking at.