Baby Boy Bleeds To Death After Doctor ‘Persuades’ Parents To Circumcise Him


A baby boy in Canada bled to death after a doctor allegedly persuaded the child’s parents to let him perform the surgery.

Ryan Heydari’s mum and dad did not want their newborn going under knife after he was born in January 2013, but they told the National Post they finally agreed to the circumcision after their doctor gave them medical advice. Following the surgery, the newborn wouldn’t stop bleeding and just over a week later Ryan had lost 40 per cent of his blood before going into hypovolemic shock- resulting in his tragic death at just 22-days-old.

Ryan’s mother Homa Ahmadi told the National Post:

‘We are so shocked that we will not have an answer to bring us some peace for our broken hearts, to prevent other cruel deaths like Ryan’s and to ensure that doctors take proper care of their patients.”

Homa and her husband John Heydari filed a complaint to medical regulators and appealed rulings made by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons have now formally cautioned one doctor for ‘his failure to recognise the seriousness of the infant’s condition and to treat compensated shock’ and advised another for performing the surgery.

NHS advice does state that there are a number of potential benefits to circumcision, but ultimately the risks appear to outweigh these, which include infection and excessive bleeding.