Man Bites Head Off Live Baby Rat In Incredibly Gruesome Video

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2016 15:10

Animal rights activist group Peta has urged authorities to investigate the source of a gruesome video in which a man eats a baby rat alive.


The video was posted by user F!zz to LiveLeak and is a short but graphic clip showing a table consisting of four newborn rats, each about the size of a thumb.

Warning: Extremely Graphic Footage.

In the video a man places a baby rat in his mouth and bites down, which causes its entrails to shoot out towards the camera.


The guy then washes down his meal with some beer and shows his open mouth to the camera, proving he has eaten the baby rodent.

Peta has implored authorities to remove the man from the community for his own sake, and urged that they investigate the source of the video,reports Weirld News.

Peta UK Director Mimi Bekhechi said:

One can only imagine this person is mentally disturbed and urgently needs to be taken out of the general population and helped for his own sake and that of the community.

Anyone capable of mercilessly crushing a small, helpless animal to death should cause everyone to be concerned.

A lack of empathy and a desire to exert power over the helpless invariably manifests itself in other antisocial ways, including other violent crimes.

For once I find myself agreeing with Peta. Something must be very wrong.

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