Bad Lip Reading’s Trump Inauguration Video May Be Their Best Work Yet


Ever since The Donald surfed into the Oval Office as 45th President of the United States on Jan 20, we know what you’ve been thinking. Will there be a Bad Lip Reading video of the inauguration?

We waited patiently for five days and now the fucker is here and it’s possibly the funniest one yet.

This video takes no prisoners, lip reading the shit out of Donald, Melania, Barack, Michelle, the Clintons, the Bush family, and of course and perhaps funniest of all, Mike Pence.

Although it’s undeniably hilarious from start to finish, the depressing reality is that some of the things said in this video would actually have been more fitting than a lot of words that were actually spoken on inauguration day, according to the Huffington Post.

You can check out the four minutes of comedy gold right here:

Tell me you didn’t laugh hysterically when Pence referred to Trump as ‘my prince’.

Hopefully over the next four years of Trump’s presidency there’ll be plently more Bad Lip Readings to come!

Joseph Loftus

Joseph Loftus

Joseph Loftus is a Gold Standard NCTJ journalist with four years experience working for international and regional press.As well as working for UNILAD and LADbible, Joseph has worked as Liverpool Correspondent for Unsigned & Independent Magazine, as well as stints with the Liverpool Echo and Warrington Guardian.