Badass Street Yoga Is Now A Thing


Yoga seems to be the go to thing for every blonde, 20 something who wants to flex their bodies a bit, but one woman has decided that enough is enough, and has created Trill Yoga.

For those of you who don’t know, Trill Yoga is basically street yoga, and aims to celebrate all shapes and sizes, and let anyone take part – with the goal being for people to become more body confident, and less self conscious.

Created by Claire Fountain, it is all about no rules, no restrictions and having fun – and it looks like a winner to us.


Claire claimed:

Trill Yoga started as a hashtag to showcase how I practise yoga, which is however and wherever I like. Trill Yoga doesn’t follow the rules, it makes them.

Trill when referring to the practice of yoga means that it is open to all looking to reap the physical, mental and spiritual benefits yoga in a real and raw way.

I want yoga to be accessible to all who need it, free from regular yoga stereotypes. So then it’s okay to be any body shape, to wear what you like, to listen to what you like; and realise you don’t need a fancy studio….you don’t even really need a mat.

You can do yoga wherever, hence me doing yoga in less than traditional spaces, on the streets, in sneakers.

It is for anybody and every (physical) body; the people’s yoga.


It has created a massive social media movement, with posts popping up on Twitter and Instagram of women practicing it, anytime, anywhere.

A #headstand a day keeps the anxiety away. ? #4weeksofcoretreats @cyogalab @lululemon

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Amazing stuff.