Badou Jack Accidentally Smashes Referee With Brutal Punch


In the early hours of this morning a controversial decision was made.

The fight for the unified title of the super-middleweight division between James DeGale Vs Badou Jack came to an end as a draw – although spectators and commentators across the globe felt that the bout was very much Badou’s fight.

Jack was not happy one bit as the judges scored the fight with a 113-113 majority score meaning that both men retain their super-middleweight belts, reports Sky Sports.


Badou’s power was evident throughout the entirety of the fight, climaxing in the last round when he floored DeGale.

However it wasn’t only DeGale who got rocked by the iron fist of Badou Jack – referee Arthur Mercante Jr took a steaming left hook to the face too.

In the final seconds of one of the rounds, Badou launched a huge left hook towards the head of DeGale who dodged out the way, but there was no stopping the power of the punch before it was too late when it landed painfully under the eye of the ref.

Mercante was left a little shaken by the incident that almost sent him down for the count and was seen sporting a bust up eye in the latter rounds of the fight.


It could’ve been worse though – DeGale even lost a tooth in the bout…