Bagpipe Player Drowns Out Hate Preacher In Most Scottish Way Imaginable


One hatemonger met their match in Scotland, when their anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim rants were silenced.

The hate spreader was preaching in St Andrews, and came up against someone who decided to drown them out, albeit in a very Scottish manner.

As the preacher spouted their ignorant rants, one bagpipe player moved closer, and started playing, as loudly and enthusiastically as they possibly could.


The incident took place on Saturday, with the young bagpipe player seemingly trying to challenge the preacher and make a stand against his hate-filled rants.

A police van does eventually arrive on the scene, probably to speak to both the bagpipe player and hopefully the preacher too.

Frankly, police or not, this guy is our hero, and needs to take a bow.