Bald Teenager Is Now More Confident After Losing Hair Because Of Cancer

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2015 19:27

After being diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, one teenager has shown that you can find positives in even the most negative of situations, saying that she can now appreciate the smaller things in life, and that her battle against cancer has put things into perspective for her.


Katie-Lily Bryant, 15, keeps a diary of her treatment online, and has been brutally honest about how she feels and the effects of the chemo, not in the least losing her hair – but she has taken it all in her stride, even spray tanning her head and claiming that the treatment has kept her alive, and has made her feel more confident.


She claimed:

Immediately after I was diagnosed, I didn’t think about cancer I just thought about my hair.

I knew it would fall out during chemotherapy.

But then I realised it was a life-threatening disease. If losing my hair and eyebrows keeps me alive I’d rather be bald.

I struggled with my confidence before but now I’m so much more confident.

chemo2chemo2Katie Lily Bryant

According to medical professionals, they do not know the exact prognosis of her condition, and later in life she may need a hip replacement if the illness and treatments damage her joints.

Despite this, Katie-Lily is upbeat, even taking to her blog to write inspirational messages for her readers, claiming they need to ‘just sit down and appreciate everything we have got’.

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    Cancer teenager who was distraught at losing long hair says she is more confident since going BALD... as it shows the gruelling treatment is keeping her alive