This Ballistic Armour Maker Has Created Bulletproof Boba Fett Body Armour

Lucas Films

Ever wanted to dress up as your favourite Star Wars character, but still maintain the ability to deflect bullets? Well, now you can.

Developed by a team of different armour and weapons manufacturers, you may soon be able to purchase armour modelled on that of everyone’s favourite bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Feast your eyes on the GalacTac project…

AR500 Armor
AR500 Armor

Artist Ryan Flowers is the man behind the design, which features steel plating, plus an Armasight flip-down night vision scope for good measure.

Flowers previously created a suit that was made available for paintballers, but it’s believed his latest offering will protect the wearer from handgun and rifle fire.

AR500 Armor
AR500 Armor

The whole thing looks pretty awesome. Still needs a jet pack though…


Kieron Curtis

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