Banned Red Bull Commercial Is F*cking Gross And Hilarious


Warning: video is super graphic…definitely think twice about watching it if you’re pregnant.

Is this really what Red Bull meant when they came up with their “it gives you wings” slogan? Probably not, but I’m not phased, this is hilarious.

TheRackaRacka have made a new video giving the company one hell of a demonic edge to their image.

These guys are sensational at making intense, gory, action-packed videos (you may have seen their Mortal Kombat fatalities one a few months ago).

I have no idea if Red Bull actually hired them to make this.

If so, I can’t say yet if a gruesome anti-marketing approach makes me feel like a Red Bull, but at least the video is honest in depicting what the heart palpitations and racing mind can feel like after drinking this stuff.