Barack Obama Called For £13 A Day Jury Duty

White House

Former President of the US Barack Obama has been called for jury duty.

He will serve in November, Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans told county commissioners during a budget hearing on Friday.

Barack Obama owns homes in Washington, DC, and Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood, and is registered in the latter.

Evans assured that Obama’s safety will be ‘uppermost in our minds’ when he appears.

White House

It’s unsure whether he will be put in the pool for a criminal case or civil hearing.

It was recently announced that the former pres will be returning to politics once again after serving his two-terms in office.

He will return to the stage once again to drum up votes for the Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey.

Latino and African American votes for the Democrats were significantly down in last year’s presidential election.

Usually the Hispanic and African American vote is guaranteed for the Democrats, however in key states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin the turnout took a serious dip in last year’s election.

One of the key factors which political analysis attribute to Donald Trump being elected into office.

Obama will be hitting the campaign trail on Thursday for the first time since leaving office.

His appearances will hope to inspire African American voters to elect Virginia’s lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam, in Richmond and financier Philip Murphy in Newark, New Jersey – two white candidates in predominantly black cities – into office.

This comes as Democrats are struggling to appeal for African American voters, a dilemma which has plagued them since Obama’s rise to power; persuading voters to stick with their party now that the candidate they love is no longer running.