Barack Obama Sends Note To Malia’s British Boyfriend

Malia Obama with her boyfriend Rory FarquharsonGetty

Meeting your new partner’s parents is always a minefield but when your girlfriend’s dad is Barack Obama the whole thing gets a lot more complicated as Malia Obama’s boyfriend Rory Farquharson is discovering.


Obviously you want to make a good impression with your partner’s parents, but how do you impress Barack Obama when his net worth is $20m and he has been voted the most admired man in the world – ten years in a row.

Oh yeah, and he used to be the president of America – a job that meant he spent most of the day killing people with drones (at least that is how I imagine it, can’t be much more to it than that really?).


Well that is the position that British 20-year-old Rory Farquharson finds himself in after starting dating Obama’s daughter Malia.

The former first daughter was first spotted kissing fellow Harvard student Rory at a Harvard-Yale tailgate, just before a football game began.

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To be fair, Rory has had his taste of elected leadership too, he was head boy at prestigious British private school Rugby. According to the Mail Online, Rory played golf for the school and – unsurprisingly – also played rugby.

In 2015, he appeared as an extra in a video for the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony – a video so posh it featured Prince Harry – no sure if that’ll be enough to impress the former leader of the free world though.


The pair met while studying at Harvard University – although nobody actually seems to know what they were studying.

Malia Obama and her boyfriend Rory FarquharsonGetty

And now Charlotte Griffiths at theDaily Mail has heard from her ‘high-society informants’ that Barack and Michelle Obama have written a letter to the boy dating their eldest daughter.

However, instead of the furious protective parents whose daughters I always seemed to date as a youth, the Obamas are characteristically chill.


Reportedly the letter was an apology for the attention their famous name might bring him for dating their daughter.

Which is pretty cute of them to be honest. The more I learn about the Obamas the more they sound like ridiculously solid people. Obviously, not everyone agrees with their politics, but that is kind of how politics works.

Fair play to Rory and Malia, they are both young and as if starting a relationship wasn’t hard enough they are getting harassed by paparazzi all the time.

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So it is good to know that the Obamas have their back and are supporting the couple’s fledgling romance.

My dad once told me, ‘if the parents hate you, then the girl will date you just to annoy them.’ As fatherly advice goes it falls right into the ‘truthful sounding but extremely unhelpful category.’

What did he expect me to do, go around deliberately annoying girls’ parents until their daughters threw themselves at me?

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Hopefully, for Rory’s sake, his dad Mr Farquharson didn’t share the same advice because I can’t imagine deliberately annoying the Obamas would go down very well.

Barack and Michelle got married in 1992 when they were both in their early 30s so it is unlikely that they’ll be encouraging 20-year-old Rory and 19-year-old Malia to settle down sharpish.

Probably for the best as there is already enough pressure on the pair. Best of luck to them both.