Barber Draws Penis On Customer’s Head After He Asked ‘For Something Different’

by : UNILAD on : 12 Aug 2018 13:48

If you ask your hairdresser, or barber, for ‘something different’ you’re always going to be taking a big risk.


And that’s exactly what this one guy did when he took himself off to the barber’s for a fresh trim.

After basically telling the barber ‘do what you want’, he sat down to have his hair done.

Watch the video here:


The barber took ‘something different’ very literally, and went for something I’m not sure has been done before. He shaved a penis-shape into his hair.


Now, it’s funny, of course it is, and easily fixable. But the guy didn’t take it very well. At all.

In the video, you see the barber’s, erm, creation, followed by the guy’s reaction.

He starts properly kicking off at everybody, who then start slapping his head. It’s all very weird.

Barber cuts shape in guy's hairBarber cuts shape in guy's hairViralHog

Last month, a video went viral on Facebook of a teenager attempting to knock out a barber for giving him a ‘bad haircut’.

The kid really let his anger known when he realised he had been left with much shorter hair than he wanted.


Rather than politely mention his dissatisfaction, he tried to knock the barber out.

Watch it here:

David Smithson was in Ali’s Super Cut on Hall Gate in Doncaster town centre when it all started kicking off.

The 34-year-old, who also filmed the video, exclusively told UNILAD the kid asked for a ‘1.5 on top instead of back and sides’, when he probably meant he wanted a short back and sides of 1.5 – but not on the top. Awkward.

As you can see in the video, the kid can be heard loudly swearing then swinging at the barber and then storming the hell out of there.

Kid at barbersKid at barbers

The lad, who Smithson estimates to be around 14 years old, can be heard saying to the barbers:

You taking the p*ss? You taking the p*ss dickhead?

I’ll knock you spark out. Do something big balls! Come outside!

F*cking daft c*nt! I swear to God!

In the video those in the barbershop can be seen staring in shock as they are taken aback by both the kid’s actions and use of language.

Smithson told UNILAD the lad then turned his anger onto his mum and yelled at her after she dragged him back into the shop.


He explained:

He came back in with his mum, holding his head like he had been injured. His mum kicked off at first but then when the hairdresser explained she sat the lad down.

He was saying to his mum ‘are you going to f*cking walk into town and get me a hat then?’

The mum said ‘if you carry on talking to me like that you’ll get nothing!!’

It was the lad’s fault. He wanted short back and sides but ended up leaving looking like a dry roasted peanut.

The hairdressers shaved it all down to a grade one but you could still see the patch and he was told to go back in a couple of weeks after it had grown back.

Chill out, yeah?

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