Barber Gives Free Haircuts To Kids Who Read Him A Story


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These days, kids spend most of their time sat in front of a computer screen or the TV, and actually reading a book is something they don’t seem to do much.

That is why one barber, Courtney Holmes, decided to offer free haircuts to children if they were willing to read him a story any story of their choosing, while he was cutting their hair.

The scheme was part of a Get Back To School initiative in Iowa, and the 45 year old claimed that he just wanted to get kids back reading.


He added:

I want to start something that will help with their literacy. I want to put a book in their hands, rather than have them in front of a computer.

Not only does that encourage kids to read, but it also saves their parents some money, and given how tight most families’ financial situations are, it is yet another bonus for them.

Amazing stuff.