Basketball Coach Casually Sinks 3-Pointer After Player Mistakenly Passes To Him


Penn College Wildcats haven’t got off to the best start this season but that isn’t to say that every ‘player’ on the team is doing badly. 

Towards the latter end of last week, Penn College went up against the Lancaster Bible College and suffered the wrath of God resulting with a lousy 54-70 loss.

And what’s worse is that this isn’t the first time Penn have been devestated by LBC – getting beaten 86-114 towards the end of last year by their Pennsylvania rivals.

Moving on – during last week’s match up, one of the Penn State players accidentaly passed the ball to his coach, mistaking him for one of his teammates – which is probably why the team keep getting beaten.

Instead of doing the normal thing and passing the ball back to the ref, the Penn State coach took a shot and scored himself a tasty three-pointer from where he was sitting.

Thankfully the incident was filmed and later uploaded to Reddit.

Unfortunately the points weren’t given and the game went on as normal but it makes for one helluva watch.

Maybe the Wildcats could do with the coach back on their team…