Basketball Fan Fails Spectacularly With Half Court Shot For $250K

Fox Sports

A stadium full of fans, a basketball in your hands, and the chance to cover the cost of Christmas for years to come. The pressure is too much for some.

That is precisely what this Australian basketball fan found out on Friday night when she was presented with the chance to head home with a cool $250,000 (Roughly £122,000).

The woman, who is being referred to as ‘Sally’, can take the cash prize if she sinks a shot from half court during a game between Cairns Taipans and the Sydney Kings.

Things start off OK, Sally dribbling towards the centre of the court with a reasonable degree of confidence.

But things quickly head south as Sally loses control, and she is left gritting her teeth in embarrassment as her ‘shot’ gets nowhere near the basket.

Well if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth so much cash, but I guess organisers expect fans to come a little bit closer. Maybe a lot closer.