Battlefield 1 Campaign Showcased In Incredible New Trailer


As promised earlier in the day, EA and DICE have released a cinematic new trailer showcasing Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign.

We’ve seen a shit ton of multiplayer up to this point – even having the chance to go hands on with the open beta – but this is the first proper look at the World War I shooter’s campaign.

I think it’s fair to say that it looks pretty bloody impressive – check it out below.

As previously hinted, it seems that the Battlefield 1 campaign will follow multiple characters across the world, different personalities with very different views on the unfolding conflict.

These include a fighter pilot, an armor crewman, a rebel fighter, and a ‘message-runner’.

Battlefield 1’s campaign will also aim to reflect the open freedom of the multiplayer that the series is known and loved for – according to a recent GameSpot interview with lead designer Danny Berlin, who explained that the campaign will have ‘much more choice and variety’ than before.

If DICE can include a genuinely gripping, cinematic yarn in a package that involves massive, open-ended multiplayer battles, then I think we might just have a classic on our hands.

Battlefield 1 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21.