Battlefield 1 Gets Epic New Trailer And Gameplay Features


The much anticipated Battlefield 1 finally has a new trailer, and it’s awesome.

Shown at EA Play (EA’s kind of E3 but totally not E3 show) we also got a host of new details about what to expect in the game.

EA and Dice have also teased a host of cool new features. Random weather effects such as rain and fog will change the way we approach maps, and you’ll be able to blow the shit out of walls and buildings to make new attack and defence routes as you vie for supremacy in the the World War 1 inspired settings.

Operations are described in a press release from EA:

Operations introduces a completely new way to play multiplayer. In Battlefield 1 will you play a series of interconnected battles across multiple fronts. Play a sequence of battles where your actions have consequences beyond a single match, as you try to conquer territory or push back your attackers.

We also have some new info on the Behemoths, which will be player controlled, mobile fuck-that-shit-up platforms capable of decimating your enemy. They will come in the form of the Armoured Train, the Air Ship and the Battleship.

The Battlefield 1 open beta will be coming later this summer, but you can get early access by signing up to be a Battlefield insider here.

Battlefield 1 will launch on October 21st, 2016 across all platforms.