BBC Broadcasts Giant Vagina Behind Potato-Headed News Presenter


Well here’s something you wouldn’t expect from those upstanding folks at the BBC

During a Daily Politics interview, presenter Andrew Neil was speaking to ministers about the junior doctors’ strike when a campaigner’s poster appeared in the background.

Unfortunately for the BBC, this particular poster featured a large picture of a vagina accompanied by the words ‘An anatomy lesson for Jeremy Hunt’. The image is surrounded by labels pointing to various parts of the genitalia explaining how the new NHS contracts would be harmful to doctors. Of course, Twitter was instantly on it.


Medics have voted to strike – with an unprecedented 98 per cent of those balloted in favour of the action –  for three days next month after rejecting a pay rise offer of 11 per cent.

Mr Neil seemed blissfully unaware of the distinctive image lurking over his left shoulder, but the Beeb do have previous form with slip-ups of this sort. In 2010 on The Today Programme James Naughtie referred, accidentally (we assume) referred to the current Health Secretary as Jeremy Cunt.

Soon after people’s favourite Jeremy Paxman was at it too, introducing a Newsnight segment on tax plans with the line:

Supposing, though, some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the cunts, cuts aren’t so bad aren’t actually doing so.

Wash your mouths out with soap and water!