BBC Under Serious Fire For ‘Real Housewives Of ISIS’ Sketch


A BBC spoof reality show called The Real Housewives of Isis has been criticised for being ‘insensitive’.

The comedy clip shows four Western women, Afsana, Mel, Zaynab and Hadiya, who have travelled to Syria to join so-called Islamic State and become ‘jihadi brides’.

In one scene, a woman is undecided about what to wear to a beheading, and another shows two other ‘housewives’ angry at each other for wearing the same suicide vest.

One ‘housewife’ Mel says: “Abdul seduced me online. He had me at free healthcare.”

Another said she had been ‘widowed five times’. After an explosion is heard above, she adds: “Six.”

A third is seen scrubbing a floor, saying her new life is ‘everything the guys in the chat rooms told me it would be. It’s full of wonderful surprises.’


The sketch is part of the BBC2 comedy show Revolting, which debuted at 10pm on Tuesday.

But the clip hasn’t gone down well with everyone, with many saying it’s ‘insensitive’. Since being posted on BBC Two’s official Facebook page Tuesday night, more than 62,000 comments have been left under the trailer debating whether or not it goes too far.

Twitter users have also weighed in on the debate:

But many are finding the humour in it:

The series is produced by Hat Trick Productions, best known for Have I Got News For You and Outnumbered, and written by Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse as part of the new series Revolting.

Humorous? Or too far?