BBC Forced To Provide Security For Journalist Who Said She Doesn’t Want Kids

Holly Brockwell

A journalist who opened up about her desire to be sterilised and lack of desire to have children was so heavily trolled online that she was forced to step away from social media, and the BBC was forced to send her security to protect her.

Holly Brockwell produced an article where she spoke about women who choose not to procreate, and it enraged many internet trolls who could not get their heads around the concept.

In the article she said:

As a woman, there are four little words I can say that invite more condescension than almost any others: “I don’t want children.”

“But why?” people ask, as if there’s a simple answer to why you viscerally, instinctively reject something that’s considered a fundamental part of humanhood.

The fact is, there’s nothing about creating another human that appeals to me. That’s an emotional thing, and translating it into rational reasons takes something away from its strength.”

Her prediction was right, and a tidal wave of abuse soon followed, to the extent that when arriving at a Q & A session she had to be escorted into the building by trained security staff.

Holly took the option of deactivating her Twitter account for a period of time in the hope that the issue would calm down.

But even after returning to social media she was forced to repeatedly defend her choice.

Holly, who is the editor of Gadgette, highlighted that most of the abuse came from men, and suspects it also had roots in her role as a woman writing on technology.

She said:

I am used to trolling as I run a women’s tech website but even I was affected this time because it was so vitriolic, so personal and nasty, and so specific about me and my professional life – not even about the issue of having children which I had been writing about.”


There is a very small section of technology enthusiasts who know me because I’m a tech journalist and really decided to tear me to pieces.

Those people specifically don’t like having women in technology, they don’t like women writing about it. Automatically, as a woman, you have to work so much harder to get any recognition at all, there’s hardly any of us in it, I’m not surprised.

One man said he’d like to “crowdfund a laryngectomy for me so I wouldn’t be able to speak anymore. That really got to me.”

But for every idiot out there online there were people ready to fight her corner.

That is food for thought.