UK And U.S. Special Forces Hold Secret Exercises At Lords Cricket Ground

Nader Daoud/PA

UK and U.S. special forces have been running secret anti-terror drills across London, including at Lords Cricket ground.

As reported by the Daily Mail, five teams of special forces had to beat the clock to the stadium, navigating London’s public transport network before defusing a ‘dirty bomb’.

Codenamed ‘Kirchhoff’s Impedance’, the drill is alleged to have taken place last month with U.S. Navy Seals and Delta Forces joining the SAS.


There was no genuine explosive material within the devices forces were faced with, which alongside bombs included suicide vests, but response time was closely analysed.

A source told The Sunday Times:

High-profile targets were chosen to bring more drama to the exercise. The bombs were incredibly sophisticated.

A building close to MI6 headquarters, and one near Lambeth Palace were also subjected to similar exercises amid growing concern terrorists may target public sites with devices which could cause hundreds of casualties.