BBC Receives Backlash For Listing Positive Aspects Of Climate Change On Education Site

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Jul 2021 14:54
BBC Receives Backlash For Listing Positive Aspects Of Climate Change On Education SitePA Images

The BBC is facing a backlash after it was discovered that some supposed ‘positive impacts’ of climate change had been listed on the BBC Bitesize education site.

A total of eight positives were listed on the GCSE revision site, including ‘more resources, such as oil, becoming available in places such as Alaska and Siberia when the ice melts’ and ‘new tourist destinations becoming available.’


Other positives, which in no way appear to outweigh the many horrifying negatives, include, ‘new shipping routes, such as the Northwest passage, would become available’ and ‘longer growing season leading to a higher yields in current farming areas.’

Positive impacts of climate change (BBC Bitesize)BBC Bitesize

The list has been widely criticized by various experts and educators, with many quite rightly regarding climate change as something that shouldn’t ever be weighed up or presented as a two-sided debate.

George Monbiot, a journalist known for his focus on environmental issues, tweeted:


This is what @bbcbitesize is teaching our children about climate breakdown. I’m sorry, but it’s an absolute disgrace. You could come away thinking: ‘on balance, it sounds pretty good’. It could have been written by Exxon.

Chief executive of the Advantage Schools network, Stuart Lock, wrote:

Dear @bbcbitesize, I think this is flat wrong, doesn’t align with the national curriculum or exam specs, and needs reconsidering.


In response to Monbiot’s tweet, which has been widely shared, the official BBC Bitesize Twitter account stated that they had ‘passed this on to the relevant team’ who are now ‘assessing the guides in relation to the latest ed specs from the relevant exam boards.’

However, as remarked by Monbiot and others, it does seem strange that the information was presented in such a way in the first place, particularly as it didn’t even fit with the current curriculum.


A spokesperson from BBC Bitesize has since given the following comment to UNILAD:

We have reviewed the page and have amended the content to be in line with current curricula.

The page in question has now been amended, with the list of ‘positives’ having now been removed.

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