Be Careful When Meeting Girls Online, As This Guy Found Out The Hard Way

by : UNILAD on : 05 Feb 2016 13:40

A girl gang used a Facebook honeytrap to lure a man to a park where he was viciously beaten.


The victim arranged to meet a woman, after becoming friends with her over social media.

He then travelled across Greater Manchester on February 3rd – from Tameside to Fallowfield – close to Platt Fields Park on Wednesday afternoon.

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However, when the 22-year-old man arrived, he was instead met by a group of six women who punched him in the face, before robbing his phone and car keys, Manchester Evening News reports.


The man suffered minor bruises from the attacks and is now recovering at home.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Sgt Shoheb Chowdhury, of West Didsbury Police, warned the public over meeting with strangers over social media.

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He said:

He had been communicating with this girl on Facebook for quite a while. He had arranged to meet this girl near Platt Fields Park as he had been talking to her online. He didn’t know her and they had never met before. We think this was quite possibly a trap for him. If you are talking to anyone on Facebook and you arrange to meet up with them please be careful and be aware that it could be a trap.

It’s believed the six women are of Somali origin and are all aged between 20-25-years-old. They were described as wearing dark hooded tops.

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    Facebook honeytrap girl gang lured man to fake park hook-up then viciously beat him