Bear ‘Comes Back From Dead’ And Attacks Hunters


If you’re going to hunt a bear, make sure it’s dead before you inspect it – or you may end up like these guys.

A massive black bear has been captured on film attacking hunters, believed to be American, moments after they thought they had shot it dead.

The footage shows one hunter on a hill aiming at the bear in a tree before it falls to the ground.


As soon as it falls, another can be seen running towards where the bear fell, thinking it’s dead.

While the actual attack is far in the distance, the bear can be seen getting up and immediately running after the man inspecting it.

After they run off camera, the man can be heard screaming.


Those who don’t condone hunting have commented on the video saying the attack was ‘due justice’ for the hunters.

While the status of the victim’s injuries is unknown, the YouTube video states he ‘escaped with only minor injuries’.