Bear Forces Its Way In And Out Of Shopping Centre Before Being Shot


A confused bear has been shot dead by police in Russia after becoming trapped within a shopping centre.

The bear entered the centre in the city of Khabarovsk and can be seen frantically searching for an exit from the building.

It attempts to jump straight through several windows and eventually bursts through two doors and out onto the street.


Unfortunately the animal, believed to be between two and three-years-old, then runs directly onto a children’s playground. Police decided they had no choice but to take drastic action in the interest of public safety.

An armed officer takes repeated shots at the bear before eventually shooting it dead.

According to the Daily Mirror the level of force used is being investigated.

It certainly does open an interesting debate as to what measures must be taken in the name of protecting the public from animals. A scared bear is obviously a risk, but in a nation where these encounters are likely is it not possible to at least try using tranquilizers?