Bear Grylls Criticised For Leaving His Son On A Rock In The Sea

by : UNILAD on : 11 Aug 2015 14:46
Bear GryllsBear GryllsBear Grylls

Survival expert Bear Grylls has been criticised by the RNLI after he left his son on the top of some rocks off the coast of Wales.


He’d taken time from his busy schedule eating various animals’ shit to take part in a joint exercise with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Apparently the RNLI were unaware that the exercise would involve putting Bear’s 11-year-old son Jesse on Half Tide Rocks, off the coast of Abersoch.

The local RNLI manager was away when the exercise was organised and said the crew hadn’t been told “Bear’s son was going to be on the rocks, as there is an element of risk. […] I certainly wouldn’t put my young son on those rocks, and also it could encourage people to do the same which would be unfortunate.”


Grylls tweeted a picture of the event captioned, “Jesse and the @rnli on a training exercise to rescue him off the rocks!” – although it’s now been removed from his account.

An RNLI spokesman said:

Bear Grylls had approached Abersoch RNLI during the week and asked if, on our normal Thursday training evening, we could do an exercise with him. We did not appreciate that the exercise would involve him putting his son on ‘Half Tide Rocks.’

A cheeky move from everyone’s favourite shiteater.

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