Bear Grylls Got A Load Of Celebrities To Drink Their Own Piss


Lucky TV viewers have been treated to the sight of a handful of celebrities downing their own piss. 

The grim task was part of a series of challenges which survival expert Bear Grylls put the celebs through on ITV show Mission Survive, reports the Daily Mail.

The show sees seven celebrities go through a gruelling 12-day rainforest expedition complete with various survival tasks.

The celebs were first confronted with a Mopani worm – an important source of protein for millions of indigenous South Africans.

Bear said:

There’s more protein in this than in chicken. And as a survivor you can live off these for months and months.

The thing about the Mopani worms is that they can get stuck in your throat. And the best chaser is, of course, urine.

Consider this a double whammy, you’re getting protein and you’re getting fluids.


The contestants are Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, actor Neil Morrissey, former England football player Stuart Pearce, footballer Alex Scott, Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner, Casualty actress Chelsee Healey, and actress Samantha Barks.

The group completed the gag-inducing task on-screen and then Bear – obviously not wanting to be left out – got in on the action too.

The contestants got to boil their urine before drinking it but, naturally, he had to take it one step further, preferring to piss into a cup and down it ‘straight from source’.

It seems like viewers weren’t as keen as Bear though:

Samantha Barks – who is vegetarian – seemed to struggle with the idea of eating the worm, but she got it down and washed it away with a decent glug of ‘aqua vita’.

She said: 

I haven’t eaten meat since I was four. Something just kicked in, I was like, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Survival instinct, I guess.

Well, that’s one way to break your vegetarianism…