Bear Grylls Saves British Man Lost For Three Days In Australian Outback

Discovery Channel Southeast Asia/Youtube

A British man who survived three days lost in the remote Australian outback said he used techniques he’d picked up from watching Bear Grylls on TV.

Anthony Collis disappeared after becoming separated from his girlfriend while out walking from Perth to Darwin.

He said he survived by eating bugs and flowers and burying himself in the sand – a technique he learnt from watching a Bear Grylls programme.

Western Australia police

Following an extensive search, the 32-year-old was discovered barefoot, sunburnt and ‘very thirsty’ in a rugged stretch of the Pilbara region in north-west Australia, writes the Telegraph.

Anthony and his girlfriend, Debbie Blomfield, reportedly had an argument about half-way into their 2,500 mile trip and were separated, abandoning their vehicle which was reported to have became stuck in the sand.

Debbie walked for five miles and arrived at a mining camp, dehydrated and disoriented, and reported Anthony missing.


Anthony didn’t appear in the heat-detecting devices used by search officials, leading them to assume he was dead – but it emerged he wasn’t detected because he’d buried himself in the sand and foliage to keep himself warm during the night.

After a three-day search, officers eventually found him after spotting footprints and hearing him calling out.

Police said Anthony claimed he’d been eating bugs and flowers and said his survival skills had been learnt after watching Bear Grylls on television.

So, there it is, Bear’s advice really does pay off!