Bear Grylls Sent Out The Most Bear Grylls Birthday Party Invites Ever


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In perhaps the most Bear Grylls move ever, the TV survivalist sent guests invites to his birthday party with a dead scorpion inside, before challenging them to drink their own piss.

It’s not a traditional party game, but Bear, 41, isn’t a traditional kinda guy. He also loves drinking piss.

The Sun reported a source as saying:

Everyone knows Bear is a little bit out there, so they assumed his birthday bash would be a bit different.

But none of them were expecting to receive a dead scorpion in their invite. When it dropped out of the letter, it gave a few people an almighty fright. When they got to the bash, things continued in the same vein.

The party was luxurious but he challenged the guests to drink their own urine, which was a bit of a shock. There were some fairly famous faces there and they weren’t too keen to oblige.

Unfortunately the source couldn’t confirm whether any of the guests necked their own urine. I’m sure Bear didn’t mind though, that’s more delicious piss for him.

Now there’s a birthday treat.