Beauty Blogger Reveals Why She Had Six Ribs Removed


Some people would do anything to look like their idols, but this woman has really gone beyond the extra mile…

Pixee Fox has had six ribs removed to help her transform her own body to look like Jessica Rabbit.

Pixee – a former electrician from Stockholm, Sweden – went under the knife to give herself a 14 inch waist.


The 25-year-old – who now lives in North Carolina – has almost spent £80,000 on 15 different surgeries, with this latest one involving removing her lower ribs.

These medical procedures have taken Pixees’s measurements from 30-24-34 to 38-16-39 and her surgeries so far include nose and boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).


In July, she spoke about her BBL performed in America, which essentially uses your own body fat to naturally increase the size of your butt and shape them too.

This most recent surgery took four hours and Pixee explained that it was impossible to find a good sleeping position on her stomach because of her breast implants too.

She cites her figure inspirations as Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World. She has amassed a bit of attention on Instagram too, with over 77,000 followers.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she explained: “Those cartoon characters represent the idealisation of the female body, I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face.”

The gruelling operation took five hours of key surgery and she decided to ignore the advice of recovering for six weeks and was back in her corset just two days after surgery.


In 2016, Pixee plans to have bottom, hip and eyelash implants and fat removal to make her cheeks ‘pop’. She’s running a GoFundMe page and added: “Being a plastic doll is ‘high maintenance’ so everything helps!” The bloody cheek of it…

She continued: “To date I have had four breast augmentations , four rhinoplasties, two blepharoplasties, two liposuctions, one bilateral rib resection (10th, 11th, 12th ribs), one Brazilian butt lift, one labioplasty and one brow lift.”

It’s no surprise that her diet is rather restrictive and she’s only allowed to eat vegetables, fruit and nuts which she blends into a smoothie.


Doesn’t seem worth it to me.