Beauty Queen Charged With Illegally Killing Bear On Her TV Show


An American beauty queen has been charged over illegally killing a grizzly bear in Alaska.

Theresa Vail is a former Miss Kansas, who now stars in her own Outdoor Channel adventure TV show – Limitless with Theresa Vail.

It’s thought she was filming for the show when the incident happened back in May. According to The Mirror she allegedly shot one bear legally, before firing a second shot which accidentally hit the second bear.

The 25-year-old has been accused by prosecutors of trying to backdate a second tag to make it look like she bought it before killing the bear – she only had one tag at the time, meaning Vail was legally allowed to shoot and kill one bear.

Vail is being charged alongside guide Michael Wade Renfro and assitant guide Joseph Andrew Miller, with the pair accused of helping her falsely submit a backdated bear tag to cover up the illegal killing.

Lucas JacksonReutersLucas Jackson/Reuters

Renfro’s attorney, Myron Angstman said:

It’s an unfortunate event. It was an accidental shooting of a second bear while a person was lawfully engaged in shooting a first bear.

Those kinds of things happen once in a great while.