Beauty Queen Goes On Run From Police After She’s Stripped Of Title

371ABBC600000578-3734313-image-m-5_1470901367413Corpus Christi Police Department

Texas police are hunting a former Texas beauty queen, who was stripped of her title for breaking the terms of her probation.

Caitlin Cifuentes, 25, won Miss Corpus Christi Latina but was retroactively disqualified when the other contestants sued the pageant, arguing Cifuentes should be dethroned because of her criminal record.

Police are now alleging that Cifuentes has breached the conditions of her probation for intoxication, assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, The Daily Mail reports.


Cifuentes rejected the judges decision to strip her of her title, she said:

I was discriminated against, slandered, judged in the harshest ways, but guess what?I am still the real winner. Keep that old title because I would rather not be involved with a program which allows bullying. That’s not what I stand for.

Cifuentes avoided a conviction back in 2013 when she failed to yield to the right of way and crashed her car. Police discovered that her blood-alcohol reading was almost three times over the legal limit at the time.

As part of her probation she was banned from going to bars and nightclubs, but a video from June this year shows Cifuentes had visited a nightclub.

The probation allowed her to avoid a conviction but authorities now say Cifuentes violated the terms of the deal – which banned her from going to bars and nightclubs – when she was shown on video in a nightclub in June.

The former beauty queen’s lawyers however have reportedly insisted she was only at the club as part of her pageant duties.

After Cifuentes was dethroned the first runner-up, Valeria Barrera, was given the title and Ms Barrera was one of the six who filed a lawsuit against Cifuentes winning.

Crime Stoppers in Corpus Christi have offered a cash reward for information leading to Cifuentes’ arrest allegedly.