Beauty Queen Shares First Selfie Since Ex’s Acid Attack

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The Italian beauty queen contestant who was victim of a horrendous acid attack allegedly  from her ex-boyfriend has now taken a selfie for the first time. 

Model and aspiring singer, Gessica Notaro has been left horrifically burnt after her ex – Jorge Edson Tavares – allegedly threw acid over her in a revenge attack.

The 28-year-old has shown how she won’t be defeated by this hideous crime against her though, by appearing on TV, to courageously reveal her scarred face.


The model from Rimini has just left hospital, after having to endure two months of isolation and treatment for her distressing injuries.

She decided to post the picture on Instagram to show that was her real account and all others were fake and asked people to report them.

She wrote:


This is my first selfie for a long time.

Gessica bravely revealed her scars on Italian TV channel, Canale 5’s Maurizio Costanzo programme, in a bid to show viewers what she believed her ex boyfriend did to her.

She initially went on stage with a scarf concealing her wounded face, but decided to remove it so the audience could see the full impact of the damage from the attack.


She said:

I want you to see what he did to me. This isn’t love.

Gessica has just completed two months of treatment in which people could only speak to her through a glass window and her mum had to be sterilised before entering the room.


She met Tavares, three years ago when they were both working in a dolphin aquarium and after they split up, he stalked her and got increasingly jealous.

Gessica became extremely frightened of her ex, as his behaviour became more disturbing and he even threatened to throw acid over her prior to the incident.


Scared she went to the police, but they merely ordered him to stay away from her and he was eventually given a harassment order.


The night it happened, Gessica – who was also living with a new partner – had been out with friends, when she allegedly saw her ex creep up alongside the car and throw a bottle of acid into her face.

She told the Daily Mail:

While the acid ate away at my face I was on my knees praying. I prayed to God: take away my beauty but at least leave me with my sight.

While Tavares – who denies the charges – is in prison awaiting trial, Gessica has a lengthy year-long wait for plastic surgery ahead of her and has to spend £600 a month on medication.

She told the Mail online:

I did my own two months of prison. I can’t live life as I used to. I can’t go out in the sun, am constantly trapped in this mask and my face hurts all the time.

Even when I’m better, I will have scars on the inside for the rest of my life. I will always be scared to get out of my car and walk home because I will relive that scene again and again.

Incredibly, in the midst of her traumatic ordeal, Gessica has just finished an album and is remaining hopeful as she can still sing.

She explained:

Underneath this mask there’s severe damage.

My face is ruined but my facial features are still there. My mouth is intact. So is my nose. I still recognise myself in the mirror. This eye should have been blind but it isn’t.

And the most important thing I found out that night is that my voice is still there. I risked losing it as the acid ended up in my mouth, but I was alert enough to spit it out.

The model is unbelievably brave for revealing her scars and speaking out about her the appalling attack.

Even though a sentence will hopefully be served to whoever committed this awful crime, Gessica’s life has physically changed forever. Hopefully she will find some solace in her music and will be able to continue to live her life in peace.

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