Before And After Footage Of Girl Who Had Bad Reaction To MDMA Goes Viral

by : UNILAD on : 10 Sep 2015 14:51


Before and after footage including images of a girl who took ‘MDMA’ at a house party are currently going viral online, after being released by her family.

The girl in question is Amy Thompson from Glasgow, a 16-year-old who allegedly took ‘one crystal capsule’ of what she thought was MDMA at a house party – before her life changed for the worst.

Following the incident, in which three other teenagers were rushed to hospital, Amy lay in a coma for weeks, becoming brain damaged in the process. Nowadays she has to use a wheelchair and her speech is slurred.



Before we continue, please note that this isn’t an attack on MDMA and drugs in general, and if you are going to actively take drugs on nights out, there ARE ways to ensure what you are taking is safe.

The following footage, however, is a stark reminder of what can happen when young people aren’t fully aware of what they are taking – and the effects said drugs can have on you.

Speaking about the incident, Police Scotland’s national drug coordinator, Detective Michael Miller, said: “Any drug can be dangerous and MDMA in crystalline form is likely to be far more concentrated. There incidents highlight the dangers of taking MDMA in both its crystalline and pill form.”



He continued: These drugs are potent and you are putting your health at risk if you take ecstasy. I cannot emphasise enough that consuming MDMA with alcohol or any other drug increases the risks significantly.

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