Belgians React Brilliantly To Terror Raids By Posting Pictures Of Cats


National emergency? What national emergency?

Belgians react to terror raids by sharing hundreds of hilarious pictures of cats on Twitter as part of the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag. Genius.

Thousands of people have taken to the social network site to post some pretty funny images of their favourite felines after police appealed for people to not discuss the ongoing operation.

As a cat lover I think this is absolutely brilliant. Even if you’re not too keen on cats, you’ve got to appreciate the humour and the way they’re sticking two fingers up to terrorism.

Users have flooded Twitter with pictures and information about cats in an effort to bury any tweets about police anti-terror operations in the city. Some of them are pretty darn cute.

A number of streets in the city centre have been sealed off as the police carry out a significant operations, with photos also being posted to Twitter of soldiers closing off a hotel and telling guests not to go inside.

Guests staying at the Raddison hotel in the Belgian capital were told how they were warned by soldiers stationed inside and outside the hotel and that they shouldn’t think about leaving.


The Grand Palace is close to where a large police and army presence is currently situated, amid reports of a major police raid.

But it’s nice to see a bit of light relief during these uncertain times.