Bentley Are Building Two Supercars And They Look Incredible


The shit hot engineers at Bentley, have confirmed that they’ll bringing out not one, but two ridiculously good looking, luxury sports cars as early as next year.

The first will be a sporty version of the Bentayga, intended to compete with the BMW X6 Ms and AMG branded SUVs look and make them look shit. The new super Bentayga will be more dramatic and is intended for paved roads and minimal off-road work.


Far more excitingly though the popularity of the two-seater EXP 10 Speed Six concept convinced the boss of Bentley, Wolfgang Durheimer, to actually build the car and place it among the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 675 LT. Unlike its competitors thought he car will be powered by electric motors giving it 500 horsepower.

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According to Durheimer, the strong sales of the Bentayga, have alled the company to invest these gorgeous cars.

Petrol heads won’t have to wait long for either car either, both Bentleys will make their debuts next year, with rumours of them being revealed as early as the Geneva Motor Show.