Bernie Sanders And Larry David Poke Fun At His ‘Socialist Beliefs’ On SNL

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Bernie Sanders finally made his long teased appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. 

Although, disappointingly, the Vermont senator didn’t appear in a pre-taped sketch all about him – called ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’- where Larry David played Sanders and brought his trademark neuroticisms to the Democratic presidential hopeful.

Of course his anal behaviour causes poor Bernie to lose the Iowa caucuses by irritating just enough of the voters to be defeated by Clinton. It was a funny sketch which cleverly touched on Sanders’ inability to attract widespread support from black voters.

Sanders finally appeared in a skit where he and David played two men on a sinking ship headed to America, arguing over who gets into lifeboats first.

His character, Bernie Sanderswitzky, of course rails against Larry David’s character when he tries to get preferential treatment because he’s rich, alluding to one of his central campaign messages.

David says that his ideas sound a lot like socialism before Sanders quips: “Democratic socialism.”

There’s no telling how the appearance will affect Bernie’s appearance but it’s always nice when a politician’s willing to laugh at themselves.