‘Best Looking Jeremy Kyle Guest Ever’ Reveals She Used To Be A Man


The Jeremy Kyle Show is a laughable piss poor pantomine for millenials and that’s all it’ll ever be.

Home to a whole host of subhuman questionable types – the types who get their sister pregnant or mainline heroin with their newly born – I think it’s only fair to say viewers were pretty shocked to see Allysa, reports the Mirror.

Appearing on the ITV classic as the part of the show that is weirdly uplifting – the tagline for the segment was ‘My identical twin brother is now my sister’ and boy did it deliver.

A smartly dressed Matt introduced his new sister who realised she was transgender when she was just 17-years-old.

At 23, Alyssa began gender reasignment surgery and now she’s barely recognisable.

In Jezza’s own words:

Sorry, can I just… I know that everybody who works on The Jeremy Kyle Show knows what I’m going to say but… you’re beautiful.


Later on, Jeremy read aloud a letter from Matt and Alyssa’s mother who told the pair she loves them both for who they are.

Matt then added:

Before the journey started, we knew we’d have the unconditional love and I don’t know how people start a journey when they know they’re not going to get support.

See – sometimes The Jeremy Kyle Show can be nice.