Best Mates Fall Out Over Woman, Decide To Go To Jail Together In Ridiculous Video


When police are readying to send you for a night in the cells it can be easy to lose sight of your priorities, but not these guys.

After a night of boozing, a pair of best mates from America had a dispute with someone they describe as ‘our woman’, before police then apprehended them for property damage.

One is clearly the worse for wear and begins yelling at police before inviting them to give him a ‘breast test’.

A breath test was closer to their plans and prior to his test one of the lads declares “My homie goes to jail I go to jail. That’s the simple fucking fact.”

Recognising his mate is likely making the situation worse he then tries to calm him down in the back of the van, despite there being a wall between them.

Check out the entertaining exchange.

Based on the state they were both in I don’t think the trip was optional for either, and I wonder if he would have felt the same loyalty in the sober light of day?