Beyonce Has A Bootylicious Cousin And The Internet Is Going Crazy


Beyonce has a best kept secret, and apparently it’s her cousin Kristin Douglas.

Social media has gone crazy after the two posed for a photo together at their Uncle Skip’s funeral. Kristen uploaded the picture on Instagram and fans have been drooling ever since.

One commenter to Kristen’s Instagram post, said: “Beyonce’s cousin will make you forget Beyonce is even in the pic.” Which is actually really accurate.


So has Queen B been upstaged by her younger relative? The internet thinks so.

Not much is known about Kristen other than she’s a nurse and mother-of-two – and that she now has one of the most famous behinds on the internet.

She has also never previously posted her connection to Beyonce on Instagram before, but the brush with fame has gone particularly well for her, with her following skyrocketing from 2,000 to nearly 66k. Not bad at all.

Makes us wonder how many other cousins Beyonce is hiding…