Biden Calls Out Trump As ‘One Of The Most Irresponsible Presidents’ In History

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Nov 2020 15:15
Biden Calls Out Trump As 'One Of The Most Irresponsible Presidents' In HistoryPA Images

President-elect Joe Biden has said President Donald Trump will go down in history as ‘one of the most irresponsible presidents’.

The president-elect made these remarks after it emerged that President Trump had invited Republican state lawmakers from Michigan to the White House on Friday, November 20, as part of his legal team’s ongoing efforts to overturn the US election results.


It’s been nearly two weeks since it was announced that Joe Biden had won the 2020 election. However, Trump has so far refused to accept this outcome, and has repeatedly made unsupported allegations about voting fraud.

Watch Biden address President Trump’s unprecedented behaviour in the following clip:


As reported by CNN, Biden slammed Trump’s behaviour during a news conference, stating that Americans are ‘witnessing incredible irresponsibility’.


He even went as far as to say that his predecessor ‘will go down in history as being one of the most irresponsible presidents’, expressing disbelief at the way he has acted following the results of the election.

The president-elect went on to assert that, an ‘incredibly damaging message is being sent to the rest of the world about how democracy functions’, adding:

It’s hard to fathom how this man thinks. It’s hard to fathom. It’s just outrageous, what he’s doing.

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President-elect Biden was speaking after a virtual meeting with governors from the Republican and Democrat parties, where they discussed issues such as a nation-wide mask mandate and plans to distribute a vaccine as well as the need to help states which are struggling financially.

This meeting is said to part of the president-elect’s ongoing effort to work around the Trump administration’s refusal to let his transition team have access to federal agencies and their plans.

These agencies include those which are coordinating the coronavirus pandemic response, and President-elect Biden has previously expressed how devastating the consequences will be if the Trump administration refuses to work with his team on this front.

On Monday, November 16, Biden warned that ‘more people may die’ if Trump continues to stop him from accessing to vaccine distribution plans and pandemic data.

AI Can Spot 'Covid Cough' That's Inaudible To HumansShutterstock

Blocked from information that would usually be made readily available to the president-elect, Biden’s team have been meeting directly with pharmaceutical companies this week, as per the Associated Press, working out the best way to distribute at least two coronavirus vaccines across the nation.

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