Biggest Family In The UK Announce Arrival Of 21st Baby

Biggest Family In The UK Announce Arrival Of 20th Baby on This MorningITV

A couple with 20 children have announced they are expecting the arrival of baby number 21.

Despite promising their 20th child would be the final addition to their enormous family, Sue and Noel Radford made an announcement on YouTube and Instagram they are expecting another addition in the form of a baby girl.

In September last year, Sue and Noel welcomed their son Archie to the world, he was the youngest out of his 20 brothers and sisters. However eight months later, the family is adding another member to the fold and Archie will soon no longer have the privileges of being the youngest of the Radford clan.

With the imminent arrival of their unborn daughter, she will be almost 30 years younger than her oldest sibling Chris, who is 29-years-old.

Sue, 43, and Noel, 47, also have three grandchildren. They told their 48.8K Instagram followers:

We can’t wait to welcome you into the family precious little one.

In their YouTube video, Sue addresses the viewers – with the kids in her car – to let them know:

We’re just on the way home from having a very special, lovely appointment. And I’m just wondering if anybody can guess where we’ve been. I bet you can.

The video then cuts to a clip of Sue’s baby bump, before confirming to the camera: ‘I am pregnant.’ The footage then shows the family, from Morecambe, Lancashire, celebrating in their back garden with pink confetti in the air as they reveal they’re expecting a girl.

Later on, an overjoyed Noel says:

I can’t believe it, a girl. I think we’re in shock. We were not expecting it.

Thanks to the unique story of this massive family the Radfords even had their own Channel 4 reality programme 20 Kids And Counting. Furthermore, Sue and Noel have made it explicitly clear they receive no extra state benefits, except normal child benefits.

According to The Mirror, the two have been making babies for the better part of three decades. They are already parents to Chris, 29, Sophie, 24, Chloe, 22, Jack, 21, Daniel, 19, Luke, 17, Millie, 16, Katie, 15, James, 14, Ellie, 13, Aimee, 12, Josh, 10, Max, nine, Tillie, eight, Oscar, six, Casper, five, Hallie, two, Phoebe, 22 months, and Archie, eight months.

The family also went through tragedy in 2014 after their son Alfie was stillborn.

In January, the entire family appeared on This Morning and Sue told the hosts Archie was ‘definitely… the last Radford baby’.

I love this picture so much ?? #babygirl #family #love

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However, Sue’s eldest daughter, Sophie (who has three kids herself) stated she couldn’t ‘see her mum stopping’ stopping at 20 kids, while 11-year-old Aimee admitted she was feeling ‘stressed’ out taking care of her younger siblings.

Childhood sweethearts Noel and Sue were given up for adoption as kids. When they had their first child, Chris, Sue was only 14 years old. When they got married and had their second child, Sophie, Sue was only 17.

Raising a family is no easy task and with 20 mouths to feed (soon to be 21) Noel and Sue’s job is a monumental one.

The parents allegedly spend an estimated £30,000 a year (of their own money) to raise their kids. This includes birthdays with a budget of £100 per child and Christmas at £100 to £250 per child.

Who knew parenting could be so expensive?

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