Biker Headbutts Guys Who Tries To Cut Off Friend

Biker headbutt jakester142/YouTube

I’ve always thought there was a certain camaraderie between bikers, much like the way bus drivers always wave at each other or the way cyclists are united in their hatred for literally anyone else on the road, and this latest video has confirmed my suspicions.

Head-cam footage has emerged of a biker, in America, riding down the right hand-side of a road, which is where you’re supposed to drive in America. So far, so normal.

However, the truck that’s coming almost directly head-on at the biker, narrowly missing him? That’s not normal. That truck is pretty clearly on the wrong side of the road.

Check out the shocking clip here:

As both motorcyclist and truck driver realise what just happened was a very close call, they both stop and back-up for a bit of a showdown.

It’s hard to discern what’s got the truck driver so angry. His squealing tyres leave marks on the road as he backs up to confront the biker, shouting ‘I got kids in my motherf*cking truck’. But he was the one driving on the wrong side of the road.

The biker filming the incident, though audibly annoyed, doesn’t get physical. And it’s here where the camaraderie kicks in as, out of nowhere, another biker marches in, helmet and all, and headbutts the truck driver to the ground without so much as a word.

woman in truck biker headbutt jakester142/YouTube

While we’re definitely not condoning violence, the headbutt seemed to have some effect, as the driver gets back up and seems a lot quieter than the mouthy, pissed-off dude he was before getting nutted.

In a follow-up video, the biker, Jake, says the reason the truck driver tried to run the bikers off the road was because they ‘flew past his house and endangered his kids’.

Seems a bit strange, though, to try and get revenge on the bikers by driving on the other side of the road with your kids in the back of your truck.

biker headbutt jakester142/YouTube

The video, which now has over 10.5 million views on YouTube, has attracted many, many comments, with the majority of them sticking up for the biker.

One person wrote:

One of the most satisfying revenge [sic] ever recorded of all recorded moto incidents, props to these guys

While another wrote:

Wait… so they tried to force you off the road… and his excuse was he had kids in the car? He tried to murder you… because kids? And this is your fault that he was in your lane? This man confuses me. Glad you guys are okay. Watch out for him. Nice head butt.

biker headbutt jakester142/YouTube

And another one sticking up for the bikers:

What are those idiots in the truck mad about? The guy drives his truck like a moron and nearly caused a fatal accident. How was that defending his kids? The two motorcyclist was right in putting them in their place.

While the truck driver definitely had his pride wounded, it’s fortunate no one was seriously hurt.

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