Bill Bailey Goes On A Bizarre Trip In No Man’s Sky


No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey (4)

No Man’s Sky is finally upon us, and apparently it comes with a free copy of comedian/actor Bill Bailey – an unexpected bonus. 

At least, that appears to be the case in this strange new trailer for Hello Game’s massive sci-fi survival game, in which Bill appears in a stranger’s house to journey to the center of the universe.

No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey (3)

Watch the video below and marvel as Bill discovers ‘Bill-Topia’ and explores the surface to try and find new species with which to ‘possibly share a panini’ – that is the dream, to be fair.

Gasp, as Bill encounters the Club Handed Eagle Bouncer Wombats, the Giant Spiny Boot Mouth Combat Duck (my favourite), and the Multi-eyed Sentient Marshmallows.

Will Bill Bailey ever get to the center of the universe and/or share a panini with someone? Will the couple in the video ever get Bill out of their flat so they can play No Man’s Sky themselves?

These are all relevant questions, but I fear we may never learn the answers.

No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey (10)

No Man’s Sky is out now on PlayStation 4, and comes to PC August 12.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

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