Bill Bailey Goes On A Bizarre Trip In No Man’s Sky


No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey (4)

No Man’s Sky is finally upon us, and apparently it comes with a free copy of comedian/actor Bill Bailey – an unexpected bonus. 

At least, that appears to be the case in this strange new trailer for Hello Game’s massive sci-fi survival game, in which Bill appears in a stranger’s house to journey to the center of the universe.

No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey (3)

Watch the video below and marvel as Bill discovers ‘Bill-Topia’ and explores the surface to try and find new species with which to ‘possibly share a panini’ – that is the dream, to be fair.

Gasp, as Bill encounters the Club Handed Eagle Bouncer Wombats, the Giant Spiny Boot Mouth Combat Duck (my favourite), and the Multi-eyed Sentient Marshmallows.

Will Bill Bailey ever get to the center of the universe and/or share a panini with someone? Will the couple in the video ever get Bill out of their flat so they can play No Man’s Sky themselves?

These are all relevant questions, but I fear we may never learn the answers.

No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey (10)

No Man’s Sky is out now on PlayStation 4, and comes to PC August 12.