Bill Gates Is The Richest Man In The World For The Fourth Year Running


Billionaire, philanthropist and inventor of the world’s most popular operating system Bill Gates has been named the richest man in the world – again. 

This is the fourth time Bill’s been recognised for the size of his wallet and he’s currently worth an estimated $86 billion that puts him way ahead of his closest competition, Warren Buffet, who’s only worth a ‘laughable’ $75.6 billion.

Just for fun I worked how many years I’d have to work to earn what Bill’s worth. It would take me 4,095,238 years of writing articles about the Kardashian’s newest selfies to earn what Bill’s worth – that’s a lot of selfies to go through.


Anyway, Americans basically dominated the top ten as usual with the Spanish business tycoon who owns the Zara fashion label, Amancio Ortega and Carlos Slim, who has his fingers in a fair few pies, coming in fourth and sixth respectively.

Forbes also had great news for people like the rest of us – those who think that a thousand pounds is a lot of money – the number of billionaires has increased by 13 per cent meaning there are 233 new billionaires on the block.

Trump when he heard the news - Getty

Their combined income also rose to a sickening $7.67 trillion which means that if these guys clubbed together they could literally buy and sell countries.

Meanwhile President Trump whose wealth is reportedly ‘yuuuuuge’ has clearly taken a hit since his reality TV show marketing ploy accidentally resulted in him becoming the leader of the free world coming in at 544th.