Bill Murray And President Obama Play Golf In Oval Office To Promote Obamacare

by : UNILAD on : 13 Dec 2016 15:13

If you had to list the coolest men on the planet chances are both Bill Murray and Barack Obama would rank pretty damn highly. 


They look, sound and act all things cool and in this brilliant video the pair are together playing golf in the Oval Office, reports The Telegraph.

But what’s cooler than Obama and Bill Murray? Affordable health care. Cheesy as fuck, I admit, but it’s true.

The video begins with a bit of banter between Bill and Barack with POTUS letting Bill know he tends not to allow Cubs fans into the Oval Office as they take turns putting a golf ball into a glass.


After learning of Barack’s distaste for the Cubs, Murray mutters:

It’s probably not a coincidence that your popularity is at an all-time high. So I would just stick with this if I were you. I would just ride this baby.

Murray then proceeds to bend down to retrieve the golf ball but as he does so, he winces, telling Obama his knee has been bothering him for some time but he doesn’t have anybody that can check it out for him.


Being the cool enigmatic motherfucker that he is, Barack had an answer:

You don’t have health insurance? Look, Bill. You don’t have to go without health insurance because these days — because of the Affordable Care Act — anybody can get health insurance and it doesn’t matter if you already have something wrong with you because insurance companies have to take you even if you have a pre-existing condition.

The video concludes with the president reminding viewers that open enrolment for the health care exchanges ends on December 15 and if they want healthcare by January 2017 then they need to sign up for it ASAP.

Obama out.

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    Bill Murray and President Obama play golf in the Oval Office to promote Obamacare