Billionaire’s Ex-Wife Complains That Nice Terror Attack Ruined Her Holiday


Like many around the world right now, our thoughts have been with the with victims of the Nice terrorist attack and their friends and family.

But not Kristina Sysoeva, oh no, she was more worried about how the whole atrocity had ruined her yacht trip.

Unfortunately, this isn’t some sick sort of joke, she genuinely said this. The 35-year-old ex-wife of a British billionaire was enjoying her holiday in the south of France before a terrorist got behind a lorry and ran down hundreds of people celebrating Bastille Day, the Daily Mail reports.

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The horrific attack, believed to be carried out by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel – killed at least 84 people and left 50 people ‘between life and death’, French President Francois Hollande said.

But spare a thought for this grade A cunt, who was more disappointed about the fact that she and her friends had missed out on a fucking fireworks display.

“I’m doing fine, but it’s a shame that the fireworks were cancelled [because of the terror attack],” she said to LifeNews.

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Don’t worry though guys, she had a load of security around her so she wasn’t never in any real direct danger. Wait though, her ‘ordeal’ was pretty awful.

She added:

We were having dinner, and then a French guy came in and told us there was a terror attack, so we had to go back to shore. And the weather was also bad. We were so upset, we wanted to see the fireworks, but then this horror happened, and everything was cancelled!


Her lack of comprehension of the utterly appalling situation going on around her actually beggars belief, but she does have some pretty serious rich people problems.

Like, for example, having to have security nearby at all times because of all her jewellery.

She added: 

I’m under great protection, nowadays can’t go anywhere without it. Can’t go to the streets with the diamonds I have. I need at least two bodyguards to protect the jewellery.

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Sysoeva was featured on reality show Meet the Russians, which delved into the lives of wealthy Russians living in London, which might explain the kind of spoilt moron we are dealing with here.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that someone said something incredibly stupid in the wake of the attacks.

Speaking to a Sky News reporter, British tourist Lucy Nesbitt-Comaskey was asked to give her thoughts on the unfolding tragedy.

She replied:

The first thing about it and I know this is awful and maybe a bit selfish but it did spoil our shopping trip. We bought all this lovely shopping and now I can’t be bothered with it – it just doesn’t mean anything now.

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It’s these kind of people that make me lose faith in humanity.