Binge-Eating Videos And Ordering Too Much Food Are Now Illegal In China


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China has added an odd piece of legislation that now bans people from ordering too much and wasting food.

Most of us have got too excited about the prospect of food and ordered more than we need. Admittedly, you usually feel terrible after trying to force yourself to eat too much, but you don’t have to worry about legal action. People in China will now be at the mercy of the law if they order too much or make binge-eating videos.


Last week, China enforced a law that was intended to reduce food waste. The new law has been introduced after President Xi Jinping called food waste a ‘distressing’ problem. Furthermore, the country has already made Mukbang videos that show people overeating or overfeeding animals illegal.

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The country is not facing food shortages, but it is seemingly concerned with viral videos of overeating and the economic pressures brought about by COVID-19. The United Nations’ World Food Programme also noted that COVID-19 would lead to tens of millions on the brink of starvation due to food shortages. As a result of these concerns, China is trying to cut its 35 million tons of food that goes to waste.

To address issues of overeating and food shortages, China has introduced checks for food waste at company canteens and pushed an ‘N-1’ policy which means the number of dishes should be less than the number of guests. VICE News also reported that some restaurants have begun offering smaller options on their menus to adapt to the concerns.


On top of the day-to-day rules on food consumption, videos and marketing campaigns that feature or promote over-eating are banned. This kind of content has already begun to be regulated with online videos being taken down, and certain promotions being removed. This included a campaign that encouraged people to buy milk products to support their favourite contestants in a singing competition being stopped.

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The new law allows a fine of up to $1,550 for wasteful restaurants and $16,000 for media companies making binge-eating content. One bakery in the eastern city of Nanjing has already faced the first warning under the anti-food waste law. The shop was reportedly throwing out baked goods that didn’t look quite right or were not sold on the same day they were made.

These measures seem tough, particularly when the US wastes almost double the amount of food (66 million tons). However, it is clear that China is preparing for worst-case scenario food shortages and attempting to root out an emerging wasteful trend.


With that said, some will be disappointed if they can’t super-size their meal anymore.

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    It’s Now Illegal to Order Too Much Food or Share Binge-Eating Videos in China

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