Bird Reacts Like Sassiest Human Ever When Its Cage Is Smashed

by : UNILAD on : 25 Feb 2016 15:32

Apparently round cages are bad for the psychological wellbeing of birds.


The owner of Pebbles the cockatoo decided to make some modifications to the bird’s cage in light of this information, much to Pebbles amusement.

The bird explodes into an expletive laden outburst as the man crushes the cage with his feet.

I don’t know precisely what is said, but it definitely contains a large number of fucks.

Check it out:


That bird is a freaking badass.

But there is a very serious message behind the footage, a circular cage can drive a bird mad as they have no point of reference, and apparently do not understand they are constantly moving in an unending circle.

So if you have a bird in a round cage, for the sake of your pet get them a new one with corners.

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    Video: Apparently round cages are bad for birds because they like corners, so this guy fixes a round cage, and his pet cockatoo reacts hilariously!